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Name:Alphonse Elric
Birthdate:Dec 3
CHARACTER INFO (for memes and the like)

Name: Alphonse Elric
Gender: Male
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 anime)
Canon points: With armour: somewhere around episode 41 as he heads into Liore by himself. Without armour: pre Conqueror of Shamballa.
Ages: 15 in the armour, 17 (but physically 13) out of it.
Character summary: Polite, friendly and generally easygoing, sometimes to a fault - although you don't want to be on the wrong side of his temper when he does lose it. Also, fond of cats. Hails from the early twentieth century on a parallel Earth where alchemy was developed instead of the natural sciences. His sensitivity and rock-solid moral sense are stark contrasts to his hotheaded older brother's personality, but the two of them are nevertheless extremely close. At the age of 10, he lost his body and became an animated suit of armour; he didn't get his original body back until a few years later, and then only with his soul much more loosely attached than before. It's a long story.
Earliest canon point: A tall, intimidating full-body suit of iron plate armour, covered in spikes, with a light purple breech cloth. The helmet, which can be freely removed without affecting the mobility of the rest of his "body", is angular and gives him the appearance of a lantern jaw; there's also another spike on the forehead, and two long white ribbons are attached to the top. An onlooker might imagine that they can see two glowing reddish-white eyes looking out through the eyeholes. His voice, jarringly, is that of an ordinary ten-year-old boy, and has a slight echo to it no matter what the actual acoustics of his surroundings are.
Pre-movie: Long dark blond hair, generally worn in a tight ponytail, with a parting on his left and an ahoge. Grey eyes, maybe shading into dark gold in a certain light. Average height, a little on the tall side. Slightly stocky build. Often seen in his brother's signature outfit: red duster, black jacket and trousers, white gloves. The gloves have two transmutation circles embroidered in grey on them, one on each palm.
Post-movie: Same as pre-movie, except he cuts his hair short and sticks to normal clothes for the time period (mainly collared shirts, jackets and long trousers).

✓ Romance OK
✓ Minor injuries OK out of the armour (nothing broken)
✓ Will try to backtag forever; let me know if I forget
✓ Cross-medium? Awesome!
✓ Any writing style is fine
✗ No incest
✗ No smut
✗ No injuries if he's in the armour, though you can certainly beat him up

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